What is QUTENZA?

QUTENZA is a topical system that contains 8% capsaicin that may provide up to 3 months of relief for adult patients with diabetic nerve pain of the feet. QUTENZA is the first and only treatment to deliver prescription-strength capsaicin directly to the skin.

QUTENZA Is the First and Only Treatment to Deliver Prescription-Strength Capsaicin Directly to the Skin

Up to 3 months of pain relief

A 30-minute treatment for diabetic nerve pain of the feet

Acts locally

Treat diabetic nerve pain of the feet at the site of pain

No drug-drug interactions

QUTENZA can be used alone or in combination with other treatments

In Clinical Trials, QUTENZA Has Been Shown to Significantly Relieve Pain for up to 3 Months in People with Diabetic Nerve Pain of the Feet

  • Effective for patients who are already taking other pain medicines
  • Unlikely to interact with other medicines
  • May not work for everyone. Only you and your doctor can decide if QUTENZA is right for you

How Quickly Can QUTENZA Provide Relief?

In a clinical study, after one 30-minute application of QUTENZA, patients with diabetic nerve pain of the feet experienced pain relief after 19 days vs 72 days for patients who received a placebo. QUTENZA is applied by a healthcare professional, no more frequently than every 90 days.



Some patients did not respond to the first treatment of QUTENZA, but did respond to the second treatment of QUTENZA.